Thursday, 16 February 2012

Gotta Start Somewhere

Writing the first blog post is anything but easy, but here goes... I'm Tanya, a creative sort of soul who enjoys all the nerdy thrills that life has in store. I'm from beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia (well, more like a small town close to Van). I'm an avid foodie at heart, so I'm always open to trying new cuisines, and experimenting in the kitchen-- but I must admit, my cooking skills are limited. I guess what I'm saying is, this blog will mostly revolve around food (but who doesn't love the idea of that?) and everything else will follow suit. This blog is basically an extension of myself in a technology filled world, and as a Communications student, I thought it would be a fun and exciting way of getting myself involved with an online community. What I mostly hope for is that you, as the reader, will enjoy what I have to share.

So thanks for reading! I'm looking forward to this new experience.

(P.S. I wasn't particularly photogenic today, haha.)


  1. Sounds interesting, definately would like to get involved, in the eating only though :P

  2. We should do joint food blogging adventures sometimes :D

    PS: It's a good picture XD The "photogenic" pictures must be truly extraordinary then :P