Friday, 27 April 2012

Poutine Crawl

Yesterday was probably one of the most unhealthiest days of my life, but also one of the most delicious and satisfying. A member from my student club caught wind of the Poutine Challenge that's taking place in Vancouver, so we decided to partake and try some very unique spins on your typical Montreal poutine. 

The first place we went to was the Hidden Tasting Bar, located at the Westin Grand Hotel. Of course, we were there for the Lobster Poutine, which sounded sinfully good. Our server warned us that it was fairly large, and splitting between two people was a better idea. However, I'm quite greedy when it comes to food and decided to get one all to myself.

I know it doesn't look very big, but I was really full after finishing it. It was VERY delicious, and came with butter poached lobster and a side of salad. I throughly enjoyed every bite of it and would definitely go back for more-- who wouldn't want to try a butter poached lobster poutine again, right?

Lobster Poutine

The second place we went to was a sports bar called Red Card. The poutine featured there was very different from your average poutine (as was the common theme of the challenge). Instead of beef gravy and the usual cheese curds, it came with a mild Madras chicken curry, mozzarella cheese, carrots, and was garnished with cilantro. Just thinking about this poutine is making my mouth water. I would even say it was better than the first, and of course, I would definitely recommend trying this poutine before it's gone (it was specially created for this challenge).

Red Card Poutine

Since we were way too full after eating TWO poutines, we decided to try one more place and call it a night. We went to a place called Between Two Buns in the lovely Yaletown right on Homer Street. This poutine, again, was very different and very unsual. The Kennebec Kahuna poutine was specially created for this challenge as well. The ingredient list featured crispy Kennebec fries, spicy Albacore tuna, a poached egg, avocado mousse, and tomatoes, and was topped with green onions.

Honestly, this was hands down my favourite poutine out of all three.  I loved how fresh everything tasted and it wasn't as heavy as the other two poutines. The spicy kick to it was also a pleasant surprise. Despite being over-stuffed by the end of it, the experience was definitely worth it. The only thing I regret is not getting an extra one to go, haha.
Kennebec Kahuna Poutine
There are more restaurants that are enlisted for the poutine challenge, and I would recommend checking out for a list of the competitors. Even though I haven't tried all of the poutines, I'm sure that each and every one is really delicious, which makes it very challenging to narrow it down to one winner. Having said that, may the best poutine win!

Thanks for reading =)